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SeahorseHatchery is a spawning and hatching system to breed portuguese seahorses. We are marine biologists.


What We Do.

SeahorseHatchery is a place for breeding, hatching and rearing through the early life stages of two seahorses species, originally from Sado Estuary,Portugal.We maintain a large population for the protection of genetic variability and we focuses on marine conservation by supplying raised seahorses to aquarium hobbyists and BACK TO THE WILD.

Multiply and Feed

Seahorses, Mysis and Copepods.

Seahorses broodstock are maintain indoor, mimetizing natural habitats. Small seahorses are reared in aquaria with controlled conditions. Food are mysis and copepods collected from natural lakes or reared indoor.

Hippocampus hippocampus and Hippocampus guttullatus

We maintain seahorses in mesocosm, mimetizing natural habitat.

Seahorses together.

Ususally, short-snout seahorse stay linked each other.

Juvenile seahorses

Together, juvenile seahorses eats a "cloud" of copepods.


Near the water surface, seahorses capture small copepods and nauplii.

Acartia tonsa

Acartia tonsa is one of the marine copepods preferred by seahorse juveniles.

More about seahorses.


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